Table Top Science Quality Online Science Laboratory Activities TableTop S C I E N C E Quality Online Science Laboratory Activities

Feature Summary

  • Academically rigorous, interactive science activities
    • Activities are challenging and encourage additional exploration and experimentation
    • Activities require interpretation and/or analysis of user generated data
  • Individualized data and results
    • Students are randomly assigned unique data, inputs, and results
    • Results are designed so they can't be "looked up" or shared
  • Built-in authentication and data security features
    • Security features are included that help reduce academic fraud
    • Only faculty have full access to data and results
  • Designed and built by academic and web professionals
    • The science is right and the tech is top-notch
    • Includes background material, lab activity forms, and faculty-only information
    • Accessible anywhere via the Web
  • Accessibility Features
    • Keyboard navigable
    • Screen reader capable

Faculty Comments from Anonymous Classroom Surveys

"The virtual data runs are really fun to do and quite intuitive and user friendly. The questions are quite straightforward to answer once the included background information is read carefully."
"Thank you for your time and effort in establishing this online laboratory system. For the first time in 10 years, I feel like the labs are well thought out, and more appropriate for online learning."
"Since switching to the TableTop Science labs, the number of confirmed cases of academic dishonesty has decreased dramatically."

Student Comments from Anonymous Classroom Surveys

"The labs were very informative and helpful to my overall understanding of the subject. I have gotten more out of this class than most any other course I have taken so far."
"I really enjoyed conducting the labs. They helped me to better understand the subject matter by applying it to logical scenarios."
"The TableTop Science application was very helpful in bringing the laboratory processes to life, especially for an online class. This application brought all of the necessary information and examples to the student, making it fun to learn."

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